About us

At ICECASA, we take pride in offering top-tier commercial refrigerators and freezers designed to keep your products fresh while ensuring the seamless operation of your business. However, our story begins with a visionary named Frank, driven by a profound passion for elevating the standards of refrigeration quality.

Frank, immersed in the food industry, identified a prevalent challenge: numerous businesses grappling with inadequately designed and unreliable refrigeration units that fell short of their tasks. He witnessed firsthand how this translated into wasted food, diminished profits, and dissatisfied customers. Fueled by a determination to make a substantial impact, Frank embarked on creating a brand poised to permanently resolve these issues. Recognizing the paramount importance of premium materials and cutting-edge technology, he delved into extensive research and experimentation.

After months of relentless dedication, ICECASA emerged. With an unwavering commitment to quality, durability, and performance, our refrigerators and freezers swiftly earned acclaim as industry leaders. Businesses of all sizes turned to ICECASA for their refrigeration needs, propelling the continual growth of our brand.

Today, ICECASA is still committed to Frank's original vision. We persistently invest in the latest technology and the finest materials, always striving to deliver products of the highest quality to our valued customers. Proudly contributing to the food industry, we support businesses of diverse nature in thriving and achieving success.

Whether you're a burgeoning startup or a corporate giant, ICECASA offers comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration equipment for you. Trust us to preserve the freshness of your products, ensure the satisfaction of your customers, and our product series caters to your refrigeration needs in different scenarios.

 ICECASA Refrigeration Series

1.Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

Compact and convenient refrigeration storage solutions, ensuring easy access to your desired items whenever and wherever you need them. Powerful and reliable freezing space to provide extended freshness and shelf life for your products.

2.Wine Coolers

Professional and precisely controlled temperature settings for red and white wines, showcasing taste and quality.

3.Beverage Refrigerators

Professional display refrigeration equipment that visually enhances your products, boosting sales effectiveness.

4.Sandwich Prep Table

Equipped with an efficient preparation area, providing convenience and efficiency for crafting delicious sandwiches.

5.Under-counter Refrigerators and freezers

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and space efficiency with our Under-Counter Refrigerators and Freezers. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen or workspace, these units are ideal for maximizing storage without compromising on style.

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